Best Apps On Playstore Giving to earn money online

Best Apps On Playstore
Best Apps On Playstore

For “knowledge”, I would highly recommend the Wikipedia app. Best Apps On Playstore .It has a daily article feature that is quite intriguing and gives you the chance to discover new stuff every day.
Also, check out the HowStuffWorks app by Discovery. The best part of this appis the “podcasts” feature that lets you listen to interesting podcasts on a wide variety of topics such as Tech, History, Automobiles and a lot more.
For “recreation”, I might suggest the StumbleUponapp. This app basically shows you random websites curated by them and users based on your interests that you specify. It lets you discover a vast variety of websites that fit your criteria.
I also highly recommend the TED app for videos from the official TED database. It’s amazing how little we know.

Here are some apps that give you some of the cool business ideas that can help you earn money both online and offline these business ideas can easily be scaled up to a million dollar company.Some of Best Apps On Playstore

  1. Productivity, (Free/Sub): This is the only app you will ever need for productivity purposes. It has a smart to-do list that has some nifty features to help you create a more efficient day along with good to do list organization that separates the important tasks from the non-important ones. It also has a built-in habit trackerdaily trackers to track anything of your choosing such as water drank or calls made. In addition, you get a categorized goal planner organized in a very thought out way to help you achieve all of your goals, and a weekly report of your week to see what you need to improve on. there are so many Apps On Playstore
  2. Gaming, This is an amazing app when you have free time or you are with friends. Think of it as an online arcade where there are multiple different games to play ranging from table soccer to uno, to chess, etc. My personal favorite out of them all is a card game called werewolf, hard to explain but the game has directions to all of the games. Best of it all is you can play with your friends!
  3. Fitness, (Free/Sub): Not much to say about this appother than it is the best app I have found to track your overall fitness goals. It is basic and not gimmicky. It is narrowed down to the essentials, such as a calorie counter, weight tracker, steps and etc. When you pay for a membership there are more extra features which would be worth checking out as well. Available on IOS and Android.
  4. Creativity,  (Free): Spark post by Adobe is an amazing photo editor. It is absolutely perfect for structuring and creating Instagram posts, wallpapers, and more. If you create content, you will love this app. Available on IOS and Android.
  5. Entertainment, (Free): By far my favorite entertainment app. Stream and download movies that just came out! This app gets movies sometimes even before released in theaters in HD quality.The only issue is that this app is hard to find since you need to download it from online and not in the app stores. But you can find it for both devices, however, it may be difficult. But if you find it, it is an incredible app to have.

Best Apps On Playstore

Alpha Browser, which is a lightweight browser(4.3 mb) with adblock, fast speed, safe and a totally different browsing experience. Here’s why it is best browser than others:-

-no trackers

-no unnecessary permissions

-third party cookies disabled by default

-enable/disable cookies, javascript, location access, history

-save login data in separate, encrypted database

-whitelist for javascript, cookies and AdBlocker

-toggle image/third party content loading

-do not track me-backup data


-delete data on exit (optional)

optimized for one hand handling (toolbar at bottom

tab control (switch, open, close unlimited tabs)

fullscreen browsing

navigation button in fullscreen mode

fast toggle for most important settings

advanced gesture control for toolbar and navigation button

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