Earn money by teaching english from home in india

Earn money by teaching english from home
Earn money by teaching english from home

Its great to see that you are willing to teach online. there are plenty of LMS providers whose service you can take up to teach online. But I’ll be a little biased here and talk about one LMS that I dearly like to use and tell others also to use it to Earn money by teaching english from home.

All the independent tutors who wants to teach online. There are many sites where you can teach and earn online

  1. Branded teaching websites and mobile app
  2. The tutor doesn’t need to necessarily be tech expert. Anyone can start teaching online with learnyst within few minutes
  3. The website is absolutely customizable. So the tutors can customize it to meet their own taste and feel
  4. There is no hidden costs than the fixed subscription.
  5. Support for different content types be it video, pdf, image or scorm contents.
  6. high end encryption to make sure that the contents created by the tutors are totally safe and are not misused by content pirates

Create your own course sell it

Because Teachable takes care of a lot of things for you.You just need to create a course and start selling it. You just need a Paypal account!Teachable can take care of payments, Vat taxes, Affiliate payouts if any.So in terms of simplicity to start. Teachable has an edge.

Whats Best and why it will suit you

  • 1 – Pricing: Teachable provides amazing pricing plans – Basic/ Professional/ Business. They have a Professional/Business plan where you don’t have to share any revenue with the platform.
  • #2 – Site Design & Customization: As far as site building is concerned, Teachable has great powerful drag & drop page builder. Teachable also allows you to create a blog.
  • #3 – Sales & Marketing Tools: When it comes to sales & marketing capabilities, teachable offers highly optimized checkout flow (1-step checkout), powerful 1-click upsells, powerful affiliate marketing system and even handles EU VAT for the instructors.
  • #4 – Course Delivery & Student Engagement: Teachable does an amazing job at course delivery & engagement. Teachable’s course player and course area looks professional and is designed from a user experience perspective. Teachable also offers an iOS app for the students to take the courses.
  • #5 – Customer Support: Teachable provides great customer support as well.

Tutor.com is a web portal that hires independent contractors as online tutors to help students in their studies. The website comes with a tag line namely “better grades guaranteed”.  The said tutors teach students in an online classroom via a secured online environment. The website provides tutoring to students from grade 4 till college. This online service company was founded in 1998, and since then it has facilitated over 15 million tutoring sessions and has over 3000 tutors in its arsenal.

NiceTalk is a legit app that pays $10/hr for tutoring Chinese students to improve their spoken English skills.

Requirements: internet, smartphone, good English speaking skill, Paypal account. You do not need any formal or certified teaching credentials.

How to start: Before you can begin earning, you have to sign up and apply to be a tutor. Don’t worry it is not hard. Download the app from the app store. It is called NiceTalk Tutor. Check the image at the end of post for reference.

About Payment:NiceTalk pays on Paypal every week. If your total balance is $20 or more, you get paid that amount. If it is less than $20, the amount stays there until it grows to $20 or more.

They send an email telling you your payment is being processed, and after 2-3 days, it is transferred to your Paypal without any payment fees.

Minimum cash out is at $20, which means you need to tutor at least 1 hour. Also, you can get your own referral code once you are approved as a tutor.

Tutor Application Approval: You’ll need to submit a video demonstrating your English speaking capabilities when signing up. 30 seconds of you introducing yourself will work. If you’re a native English speaker (from UK, Australia, US, or wherever with whatever accent) you’ll fly with flying colors. If not. it helps to write a paragraph beforehand which is completely fine but you can do as you like.

Tutoring: Students on NiceTalk are a mixed pot. Some are very good with English while some can barely express themselves — which is why they chose to signup as students to learn from the online tutors. The lessons are open-ended so feel free to talk about topics they want, or simply answer their questions. The end goal is to make them comfortable and speak to them in English language, teach them a thing or two about English every time.

Earn money by teaching english from home
Earn money by teaching english from home

Fastest way to teach english to your client

Drawing on my vast and varied experience of coaching Vietnamese professionals, in addition to Vietnamese high-school students, in mastering the EnglishLanguage, in conjunction with my longer-term strategy to inculcate change-readiness and future-savviness in them, this is what I would recommend you to do:

  1. Compose thematic vocabularies and language expressions, including slang from both the US and British perspectives, using daily events, happenings,  things, and ideas, to which the student is already most familiar in the native environment, e.g. Tet Lunar New Year as in my recent case for Vietnam. The job of the students is to tell a story – in English, of course – or articulate their impressions and feelings. Note: To illustrate, I have already covered, in multiple segments, due to the large scale of contextual possibilities:  Vietnamese Street Cuisine, Vietnamese Suburban Street Scenes, Vietnamese Outdoor Street Markets, Vietnamese Traditions & Customs, just to name a few. As these situations are already in their psyche, except for the attendant Englishexpressions, their interests in learning and acquiring English mastery are thus stimulated and accelerated;
  2. Create imaginary dialogues in terms of spontaneous responses of questions and answers,  e.g. in my case for Vietnam, I pretend to be the popular television host, and each student even takes turn to throw questions to the speaker on rotation, from the floor as the audience;
  3. Using local current events, as well as business and industry news, e.g. Vietnam and the TPP, Vietnam as an Asian Tiger Economy, Building of the Saigon Metro, etc., from native newspaper resources, e.g. in my case for Vietnam, I use English news reports from Thanh NienTuoi Tre and even Saigoneer, to help them to dissect the news  from the Englishmastery perspective for articulation and conversational purposes;
  4. Playing Vocabulary Word Games with participants, in (1), (2) & (3) to test their capacity for sentence constructions and memory retention/recall;
  5. Interspersing with a plethora of video and even podcast clips, from multiple internet resources, with (1), (2), (3) and (4), so as to expose students to foreign accents;
  6. Breaking down (1), (2), (3), (4) and even (5) to create oral presentation opportunities for studentss, by using the Table Topics format of the international  Toastmasters Club;
  7. Organising impromptu debates for students, using (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) as intellectual triggers;

Where you will get to teach english

The internet is a vast universe of possibilities. If you can imagine it, you can most probably do it. Some possibilities are:

  1. Chatrooms and Forums : Although technically, you won’t be doing the teaching online with this option. Chatrooms, forums, and other online meeting venues are excellent opportunities to widen your network of prospective students, whom you can teach offline.
  2. Tutorial Websites : Though you would need to be an expert or influencer for these, but online academies and training sites such as Udemy and Coursera allow you to teach online courses.
  3. Online English Platforms : For more long-term teaching at your own convenience, you may want to consider applying to the biggest online English teaching platform in the world, 51Talk. You get to teach from the convenience of your own home (or any location you wish), and at the time of your choosing.

How much money you can earn by teaching english in india thailand rest asia

There are four main types of school in Bangkok

  • Thai schools that offer English classes – you’d probability get paid the least, around 30K THB
  • Thai schools that have ‘English Programs’ – many if not most classes are taught in English, around 50K+ THB
  • International Schools with mostly Thai students – around 70K+ THB
  • International Schools with almost all international students – they pay the most, you can expect 100K+ if you’ve been there for a long time

Your pay also depends on the subject and grade you’re teaching, and how long you’ve been with the school. For the most part teachers in the more technical subjects (e.g. the sciences) tend to pay slighly more. Also note that many schools look at the country where you’re from. The US, UK, Canada and Australia are heavily preferred even if English is your first language but you’re from other countries such as South Africa, India, The Phillipines, etc.

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