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Basics of Seo or Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of engineering a website, creating content, and establishing connections in such a way that it appeals to search engines based on certain given keywords. Search engines then organically drive relevant traffic to your website.we teach you best seo and aso search Engine Techniques also how to Earn money from Seo marketing in india.

Search engines such as Google use complex algorithms to decide how to rank websites based on certain search criteria. but still you can learn search engine optimization and optimize for your keywords.

The Panda algorithm update was introduced by Google in early 2011. This update changed a lot of things and forced a lot of people to reevaluate their content marketing strategy.

This update penalized thin content, duplicate content, low-quality content, content farming, high ad-to-content ratios, poor content tied to affiliate links and too much adds.

A lot of pages that were ranking high by the beginning of the year completely disappeared from rankings.

It benefited users in making good quality content easier to find and penalizing black hat SEO and low-quality content.

To make it short, thin and/or duplicate content gets lower rankings on search results. Copy and pasting the content of the website currently ranking #1 for your targeted keyword won’t help you get strong rankings.

Make sure your content is unique if you want to get high rankings.

  • Content accessibility

Is your content readily available? Can your website visitor see your content directly or are they first landing on a squeeze page where they need to give you their information before being able to look at your content?

During the past decade, a strategy that was used a lot was to put content behind a form.

The idea was to drive more leads by asking for contact information for web visitors in exchange for the content.

However, a lot of companies are now shying over this strategy as their conversion rates continue to drop.

Google crawlers won’t fill forms on your website to access your content, so you need to make sure that the pages you want to get organic traffic to are readily accessible.

Search engines actually keep their algorithms a secret because they do not want people to be able to easily find weaknesses that they can exploit, “cheating” to make websites rank more highly than they probably should. However, SEO professionals do pretty effectively reverse-engineer these algorithms over time, and this helps them to know how to best carry out SEO tasks.

  • Technical SEO. This can improve your website so that it loads quickly, making your website mobile-friendly, getting rid of any navigation problems, making URLs to various pages more search-engine friendly, etc. Search engines favor websites with all of these characteristics.
  • Creating Amazing Content. This can create content such as blog posts and videos for your website. This content should provide valuable information that encourages people to view and share it. It used to be that content creation for websites meant churning out garbage articles crammed with keywords, but that is actually counter-effective now: quality is a must.
  • Social optimization. While this is generally handled more by social media experts than by SEO experts, as you can see in the pie chart above, it can actually have a significant impact on your SEO. This includes optimizing review signals by doing things such as increasing total reviews and addressing complaints. Apps with seo integration.These apps pull together various aspects of their digital presence, including social media and reviews, and help to contribute to SEO in this way.
  • Link building. Redefine search engine optimization when seo professionals engage in link building, this means that they find ways of getting reputable websites to post links to your website. However, reputability is key: links from websites with poor reputability can actually hurt you.
Earn money from Seo marketing in india
Earn money from Seo marketing in india


What is important for SEO Purposes?

Content – This is where many battles are won or lost in the search engine results pages. Content is the glue that gives search engine spiders something worth sharing with others. To gauge the amount of content required, you will need to map out what the top 5 competitors for a given keyword have in common to determine which metrics are most likely to appear alongside or supplant their results.This is most important seo can use this tool to keep yourself updated with your compititors.

In the past, it was possible to rank well with a handful of pages on a topic. Now, with the volume of content for any given keyword being inundated with hundreds, thousands or millions of new pages daily, the landscape has changed for the 10 page wonder sites of yesteryear.

If your site architecture is dated, one pliable work around is to install a blog in a sub folder and utilize it as a beacon to enliven and invigorate fresh topical content on your website.


Best Seo guide

Once you build a relationship with search engines through introducing daily updates utilizing posts based on keyword that are relative to your market, they will start to return more frequently and digest larger portions of your website.

Just going back and changing pages from the past is not always enough, you need to do something new to let search engine algorithms know that you are vying for a top position as a contender amongst the thousands of other websites pushing each other out of the way to reach the top 10 spots.and once on top you can Earn money from Seo marketing in india.

Links – Links equate to popularity and have the unique ability to make a page take on a specific utilitarian presence. Now instead of a page just being another placeholder in your website, with enough backlinks from other pages, it becomes more important to search engines (since they grade pages based on popularity) and cultivate the ranking process.
this is the most important seo technique .

On page changes are the engine within a website and links are like the fuel. One without the other produces marginal results, but when properly combined is a winning combination against competitors.

Spidering and Indexing – A websites’ architecture sculpts which areas are important, which pages get fed and if there is enoughinternal link flow within a site to propel a page into the top 1000 results. After a page hits the top 1000, then you can fine-tune it (using other pages, internal or external links) to reach the top 10 results.

Search engines use spiders (user agents or bots) to crawl the web and if critical pages within your website are poorly positioned (lacking sufficient inbound links) then your internal signature is communicating that specific page is not a worthy destination.this is most important seo technique.

Popular pages need to have relevant linking structures, preferably exist closer to the root folder as opposed to nested in a subfolder 3 layers away fro m the root as well as should have a sufficient amount of links from other websites to toggle spidering activity from search engines.

This is the first and most important aspect of SEO, getting the search engines to visit and index the pages that are optimized. If your website houses impeccable content and yet the site architecture is poor, then search engine spiders mail fail to reach and include those pages (meaning those pages will not be included in the index).

Faith – This is the last stage of development for a website and typically occurs after a website has accrued a suitable number of pages on a topic or reached a critical number of links from other websites.

Trust is the objective of SEO, meaning that your website will require less effort to achieve higher positions as a result of optimization.

Acquiring trust is usually a matter of time, but the process can be expedited through strategically timing a series of events to promote a natural link velocity, content saturation profile and conglomerate of on page factors.

There is no magic bullet for SEO, it requires time, energy, effort and strategy and years of planning to manage multiple keywords simultaneously. learn search engine optimization with time while many feel it is something that can be done internally, it is often best to outsource the various components to specialists. this is most important seo technique to Earn money from Seo marketing in india.

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A successful SEO campaign involves setting realistic goals, both long-term and short-term, and understanding that both will take time to reach.

A quality campaign also involves staying up-to-date with the latest SEO tactics and implementing them as needed.

So, Like any other work domain, SEO profiles too vary in tasks from one level to the other. Each personnel at a given level has its own set of tasks that can be best done by him. Also, it must be noted.


  1. Get job at a company.
  2. Sell products on your website
  3. Sell other people’s products on your website.
  4. Charge daily consulting fees from clients.
  5. Give out your franchise
  6. Sell white label SEO services to other companies
  7. Host seminars and get togethers charge per seat.
  8. Build and sell SEO software.

This is how you can Earn money from Seo marketing in india

If you possess all the skills mentioned above then you can easily earn up to 70K–85K INR per month. But, if you are an average SEO expert (Maybe 1–3 years experience) then it totally depends on your skills and previous work history you have in this field.


What you should avoid doing while doing Seo for your site

  • Avoid over-optimization

People have been trying to take advantage of search engines as far back as when they were created.

In their early days, keywords were one of the most importing ranking factors Google used to build its index.

The crazy thing was that crawlers were not taking into account how those keywords were used and how many times they were being used.

For this people started misusing it and started to use keywords every where even if its of no relevance .

Today, using keywords into your content, URLs, Meta Tags, and so on will do more damage than good to you.

Your SEO should not compromise the user experience on your website they should find it simple and easy to use.

However, if you follow the steps outlined inside this post, use common sense, and keep your website visitors first you won’t have any problems related to over-optimization.

Be aware that over optimization is not just keyword stuffing anymore.

There is a couple of other reasons why you can get penalized;

  • Internal links with keyword rich anchors

As we discussed above, internal linking is an amazing way to redistribute ranking power throughout your website.

It’s all about right balance.

For example, if this blog post were linked to from other pages of my website using the anchor SEO friendly website design, it would be seen by Google as I was trying to spam.It just doesn’t fit into it.

Of course, you can have some occasional anchors that will match the title as well as the URL of your page or blog, but it should not represent 90% of your link profile.

  • Irrelevant keywords

When Google indexes your website, it takes all the keywords you rank into consideration and build an understanding of what your website is about to rank you for other queries.

If you optimize your website for irrelevant keywords, it will lose some power and its focus and you may go out of shape and your audience.

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